Final Message

We believe that government funding will not provide a large percent of the dollars for tutor/mentor programs. We, also, believe that it shouldn’t support tutor/mentor programs because the government funding should go to improving the community through the schools and location. The community would benefit more from improving schools, providing technological advancements to the schools, afterschool programs, and extracurricular activities and improving the environment of the neighborhoods. The government funding would be more effectively utilized in these improvements, thus reducing and possibly diminishing the need for tutor/mentoring programs that are separate from the school. Additionally, many of the tutor/programs are funded through private organizations. We feel that these private organizations would be able to provide more funding for tutor/mentor programs than the government would be able to distribute, anyways.  Elected officials could motivate private sector organization to give consistently to tutor/mentor programs by providing larger tax breaks to the private organizations. Government officials can also advocate for major private organizations to better their image in society. By perfecting their reputation, the private organization will benefit and receive more business. In the end, benefiting tutor/mentor programs and increasing their funding.

When researching the current elections it was found that $4.2 billion dollars was spent on the 2010 mid-term elections. All of that money was put towards campaigning and advertising the candidates of different parties as well as putting down candidates of opposing parties. It was also noted that in the 2008 presidential campaign seventy percent of Americans believe that too much money was being spent on the campaign and fifty-seven percent say spending should be limited. With this is mind, now is the time to motivate the public and political officials to back up the use of these funds as donations to tutor-mentor programs, instead of political advertising. As motivation for the people, this money will better their communities and provide resources to the youth of our country that are in need of better educational services. As motivation for the political parties, the people of America appear to be much more excited to vote for candidates that donate their funds, then those who over-advertise their side of the spectrum. To simplify this, donate funds and receive votes. It is an easy solution. People in America want political representation that is willing to support and help their communities, rather than leaders who bad mouth their rivals.

As this quarter comes to a close we would like to offer some advice to the new students enrolled in the tutor/mentor connection class. We had a strong focus on funding and the next step should be where this funding is being focused and what types of things can be done to increase the funding that has had a decline in this economy. Think of creative ways to get the point out there that these tutor mentor programs need more funding.  For example flyers and creative ads or events that could be hold to increase the awareness of these programs in these parts of Chicago. Another thing to look into would be the programs that aren’t just for tutor/ mentor programs and look for ways that they can be integrated with tutor/mentor programs to benefit the entire community.


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