Funding for the South Shore

Each program within our neighborhoods is unique in the sense that some organizations charge for their services and others are completely free of cost. What we discovered was that all of our locations except Hyde Park and Woodlawn charged fees for different programs. One example of this was at the Abraham Lincoln Centre in Oakland where students paid for their tutoring in respect to their income. It was noted that many students went for a reduced or free price, while other students paid the full fee. So why doesn’t Hyde Park charge for their students? We analyzed the information found and came to the conclusion that since a lot of the Chicago Child Care Society’s funding comes from the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago’s Hospital that they were able to supply their services without charging their clients. Since the CCCS and the University of Chicago work so closely together and their locations are so close, the university knows where their donations are going and therefore, they are willing to donate more money with less restrictions. They also do not run the risk of their funds drying up from the university because U of C is continuing to thrive. CCCS accept contributions of any size in forms of cash. Because of the current economic recession, they also accept pledges of any amount and pay it on a schedule. Something different and interesting is that on their website, they have listed that Stocks, Bonds or Real Property can be given to CCCS along with designations of a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Hyde Park has many individual community members who are willing to donate to both locations and can obtain financial support from bigger corporations. This is similar to Woodlawn’s Project Exploration which also receives 40% funds through larger corporations and foundations, such as University of Chicago Medical Center, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Bank of America, and the biggest one The Whiten-Newman Foundation.

In regards to the accessibility of funding all locations have adequate methods and make donating easy, but they all go about it in different ways. For instance in Bronzeville, they have a campaign gift to support their 50th anniversary Building Features so that they can update their building. They also have another donation called “Celebrated Chefs,” where if you eat at a participating restaurant 5% of your check is donated to Chicago Youth Center’s causes. Their link is . Although Bronzeville is unique in providing these donation options they also has some similarities. Both the CCCS in Hyde Park and CYC in Bronzeville are funded by the Polk Bros and they have a million dollar campaign. Many of our locations allow for online donations as well. Since there is a variety of method of donation, it makes the process of donating much simpler and people are much more inclined to donate.



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