Tutor Mentoring Programs in our Neighborhood



In Douglas, there are four tutor/mentoring programs that are established and serving the community. The first is Concordia Place on the Avondale Campus. They believe that quality programs should not be tied to income. They provide a sliding tuition scale for working families and nationally accredited after-school and preschool programs. Concordia offers teen leadership opportunities, senior, inter-generational and adult learning in an effort to serve all generations in Chicago. Their service is for all people of all ages from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. The second is the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School Clinic. Each year, Young Women’s Leadership Charter School (YWLCS), the only all-girls public school in Chicago, takes nearly 350 urban girls grade 7-12 and prepares them with the tools to graduate high school, continue through post-secondary education, and go on to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Any young woman residing in Chicago and of the right age is eligible to attend YWLCS, but admission is based on lottery with a waiting list of more than 600 students. Another program in the area is the Teen Living Program (TLP). They offer comprehensive, long-term solutions to youth without homes who strive for self-sufficiency and community connection. Teen Living Programs offers housing, job training, educational support, mental health counseling, holistic health care, and life skills training within a community of professional and passionate support. TLP’s comprehensive, long-term approach to youth homelessness reduces the number of youth who might otherwise become homeless adults. TLP also limits youth homelessness from taking root through its outreach and prevention programs in neighborhoods and schools. The fourth tutoring/mentoring location available to the residents in the community is the YMCA. The Y is a nonprofit organization that is community centered and attempts to connect people of all ages and background to bridge the gaps in community needs. With a mission to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. They offer many mentoring programs to inspire children for a better future.  Douglas is large location that has only four organizations that offer tutoring/mentoring programs. The area has a diverse population and requires more tutoring and mentoring locations. The current programs meet the needs of many students but a larger variety of programs would add to the betterment of the community.


Concordia Place

Website: http://www.concordiaplace.org/

Young Women’s Leadership Charter School Clinic

Website: http://www.ywlcs.org/about/

Teen Living Program

Website: http://www.teenliving.org/3.0/i/about/about.html


Website: http://www.ymca.net/about-us/




In Hyde Park, there are two organizations that offer tutoring and mentoring programs; Chicago Child Care Society and the United Church of Hyde Park. The Chicago Child Care Society was founded in 1849 to care for children left homeless by the cholera epidemic. Today, through current programs such as early childhood education program, teen parenting support, educational mentoring and family support, CCCS provides the chance for children and youth to experience positive relationships and opportunities. The Chicago Child Care Society offers programs for teens including Next Step College Readiness, Teen Parenting Initiative, Teen Alliance and Safe Life/HIV Prevention. These programs utilize the best available resources and information to recognize and address the pressing needs for today’s teens. Next Step is a college-readiness program that provides mentoring support for pregnant and parenting teens. The program, which is open to both teen moms and teen dads, begins in the junior year of high school and continues through high school graduation. Using the location of the program to its advantage, the CCCS has a direct partnership with the University of Chicago and University of Chicago Hospitals Child Car Initiative, along with many other foundations. This program serves the children in the area to grow and be successful with the support of the mentors. The second tutoring and mentoring program found in the area is through the United Church of Hyde Park. They offer tutoring on Mondays and Tuesdays after school and on Saturdays by appointment only. They have a youth ministry that has a youth program on Sundays and hold many events monthly specifically for teens.  Hyde Park is such a large area with many resources that are not being taken advantage of by tutoring/mentoring programs. The lack of these programs impacts the community greatly and even though the schools are wonderful in Hyde Park, the lack of organizations is a great deficit for the community.  Hyde Park does offer a variety of only tutoring programs including Gregg Tutorial Ltd, PhD tutors Chicago, Varsity tutors, and Josh Jones Math Tutoring, but they are not as effective. Adding more tutor/mentor programs would greatly influence the children and add to the improvement of the community.


Chicago Child Care Society ^

Website: http://www.cccsociety.org/who-we-are/index.php

United Church of Hyde Park >

Website: http://uchpeace.org/?gadget=StaticPage&action=Page&id=20



While researching tutor/mentoring programs in Bronzeville we came across programs that reach out to all ages. Whether someone is starting kindergarten or starting college there’s a place in Bronzeville for them. The Elliot Donnelley Center is a place for youth to go starting at age 4 and ending at age 18. The Elliot Donnelley Center in Bronzeville is one of the original 3 that was built. The center provides more than just academic help from volunteers. It provides well – trained youth development specialists who provide individual, consistent attention for social skills. The goal of the center is “ to give members life tools to use for their full potential”. Even after the school year ends the center continues to help kids out through the summer programs for ages 5- 12. The center also has special features such as a swimming pool, running track, art park, and a career readiness center for those getting ready for college.

We also found a mentoring center for adults entering college or who need help finding/ maintaining a job. The Bronzeville Community Clubhouse is a mentoring facility that equips adults with the skills they need for employment. Their computer resource programs trains all ages on resume writing and training for employment in the sector they desire. However, the program comes with a cost. It can be up to 300 a year. In an area such as Bronzeville, this is most likely not affordable. Therefore, adults may not have the full potential they need for a job. This may be a huge part of the problem why so many people are without a job, because they lack skills.

Also while researching, we found that often websites posted “ Cabrini Connections” as being located in Bronzeville. However, it is not. Therefore posting this false information gives parents and students the wrong idea and they may end up having to travel very far to get from Bronzeville to Cabrini Connections.


Link to Elliott Donnelly Youth Center: http://www.chicagoyouthcenters.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93&Itemid=94



A small amount of tutor/mentor programs are available in the Woodlawn area. The few that were found had limitations attached to them. One program is at a hospital but volunteers are only available Tuesday and Thursdays at designated times throughout the days. The other program called Project Exploration is a science-based program for tutoring. Although both of these programs are helpful they do not give the full attention and the help that the kids from this community need. This problem could have to do with the close proximity to other neighborhoods in the Southshore and the mentor programs found there. Expecting these kids to travel far to these programs is not always a reality. If more programs were added it would benefit this community and inspire other tutor/mentor programs in the surrounding area.



Oakland is lacking tutor-mentor programs. It is believed that this is due to the large number of charter schools in the area. This may not be as unfortunate as it seems, since charter schools typically cover all of the tutor aspects of a child’s education and most provide counseling services as well. It does however affect the students who are unable to attend these schools and instead are located at public schools. Since there is less funding available to these students, many of them are not getting the help that they need. Providing tutor mentor programs in areas surrounding public schools would greatly benefit the pupils in these areas. It would help guarantee that all of the kids in the neighborhood has the necessary tools to succeed.

The programs that we did discover were not exactly tutor-mentor programs, but instead programs that benefitted the entire community. These included the Abraham Lincoln Center and the Centers for New Horizons. These programs eagerly displayed signs for donations, (suggesting that they are under funded), but had clear goals in mind; To create a self-reliable community. Programs in both of these centers included sections for the elderly as well as pre-school/kindergarten students to prepare them for their educational career.

Link to Abraham Lincoln Center – http://www.abelink.org/



Link to Centers for New Horizons – http://cnh.org/




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