A New Perspective

As the 2010 class of the Explore Chicago: Tutor/Mentor Connection, we are picking up where the last group of students left off. We are going to start covering the areas of Woodlawn, Hyde Park, Douglas, Grand Crossing, and Bronzeville. This year’s program we are in is called the Tutor/mentor connection. We are visiting different mentor programs in the city. So far we have been to Cabrini Green Connections and the Elliot Donnelley Center.  The Elliot Donnelley center is located in Bronzeville one of the areas that will be covered throughout the blog. The class also focuses on the financial aspect of how each center is funded. Tutor mentor programs help increase the success rate of the students in the neighborhoods. We will be investigating how many tutor mentor programs are in each neighborhood of the south shore. Focusing on the differences that have taken place in these neighborhoods since last year. Our intention is to increase awareness of these programs in the inner city of Chicago by giving a detailed view of what life is like for children in these neighborhoods.


One Response to “A New Perspective”

  1. jhickey50 Says:

    You offer your audience a concise yet detailed summary of your goals for this quarter. Great job!

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