Students Served In Area Tutor-Mentor Programs

Upon studying the tutor-mentor programs on Chicago’s South Shore we are now faced with the statistics on the amount children served.

Among the neighborhoods, Hyde Park seems to top the list with credible area tutor-mentor programs. This neighborhood offers a wide variety of programs from religious and racially specific to those offered by The University of Chicago. There are 2,865 K-12 students according to a 2009 census. The organizations; Chicago Youth Programs (CYP), The United Church of Hyde Park, JCC Chicago, Hyde Park Learning Resource Center, Childrens Rendevous and Neighborhood Schools all provide exponential help to the large number of students in the community with CYP alone serving 5.2% of the K-12.

In Grand Crossing, only one tutor/mentor program has been found. It is FLOW (future leaders of the world) and provides many advtanges for young girls. The census of students in k-12 is an average of 481 students (2008). Although, Grand Crossing’s charter schools hold 741 students in k-12.  Overall, Grand Crossing does not provide as many opportunities as its surrounding neighborhoods but clearly does not have the population of children as other areas do.

It was a difficult task to “track down” a Census that provides the exact number of students enrolled in schools (K – 12) in the Bronzeville neighborhood in Chicago. In the same light, I was unable to find the number of students that have access to or the children that participate in a tutor/mentor program in the Bronzeville area. According to the percentage of people 3 years and older in grades K to 12 is 33.2% (+- a third of the community.) This poses an opportunity for these statistics to be investigated and recorded for easier public access. (Example posting the findings on a reputable Bronzeville website.)

Kenwood offers four tutor mentor programs to the neighborhood.  There is a total of 2902 k-12 students who live in the Kenwood area.  This information was very hard to locate along with the information about how many students are helped by each tutor mentor program.  I was only able to find the information on one specific tutor mentor program and that information was vague at best.  The website stated that they have the ability to assist 250 students a week.  Overall, Kenwood is an area that is lacking enough tutor mentor programs to help out all 2902 k-12 students.


One Response to “Students Served In Area Tutor-Mentor Programs”

  1. Dan Bassill Says:

    Your observations about how hard it is to locate good data might provide a starting point for projects students in other classes at DePaul, or at Loyola, Northwestern or University of Chicago might take on in coming months and years.

    If better information is available, and easier to find and use, perhaps more volunteers and donors would step forward to help tutor/mentor programs grow in the areas where they are needed.

    By writing about this you make it possible for other people to begin thinking about roles they might take.

    Thank you.

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