Geography and Its Contributions to Chicago’s South Shore

In Grand Crossing, The Chicago Skyway crosses through the neighborhood and Dan Ryan Express highway. There was a railroad accident in the 1900’s that formed Grand Crossing by blocking it off from all its fellow neighborhoods.

In Hyde Park there is the University of Chicago that draws interest. University of Chicago has approximately 11,000 graduate and undergraduate students. Also, Hyde Park holds the Science and Industry Museum as well as a beautiful lake front. Lake Shore Drive runs on the eastern perimeter of Hyde Park. Along side the western perimeter is Washington Park.

South to the University of Chicago is Woodlawn. In the neighborhood of Woodlawn, it includes East 63rd, 65th and 67th streets that cross through the center of town. Bordering this neighborhood is also Lakeshore Drive, accompanied by Lake Michigan. This town also includes the South Side YMCA, which the El train (blue line) parallels.

The neighborhood of Bronzeville is well-known for it’s landmark, the “Bronzeville Walk of Fame.” (Displaying bronze plaques of famous African Americans.) Bronzville can be distinguished by it’s art deco buildings. Close sitings include the Illinois Institiute of Technology and the US Cellular Field.

31st, 35th and 39th Street run paralell from East to West in the Bronzeville area. Running paralell  from North to South include S Dr Martin Luther King Dr, S Indianna Ave, S Michigan Ave, S State Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway (Highway 90) followed by S Halsted. Boardering Bronzeville, is South Lake Dr.

Bronzville can make use of the Red Line and Green line CTA, the Metra and Bus # 4, 3 and 55.

Kenwood is another well known neighborhood on the south-side of Chicago.  Kenwood is split down the middle by 47th street which seperates the neighborhood socio-culturally.  On the north-side of 47th street, they’re are some of the biggest homes in the city limits.  The south-side of Kenwood is almost completely single family homes due to ordinances passed in the 70’s.  The most notable landmark in Kenwood would be the Blackstone Library, built in 1902, which is a library run by the Chicago Public Library system.


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