Tutor/mentor Programs, Successful?

The Southeast Side of Chicago neighborhoods include several programs that offer a wide range of tutor and mentor opportunities. The variety of programs offer children, teens and young adults with the opportunity of developing skills for schoolwork and life.

One might ask, what makes a successful tutor/mentor program? Having the opportunity to talk with volunteer mentors about career possibilities is an important part in being successful in life. The neighborhoods of Bronzeville, Woodlawn, Hide park, Grand Crossing and Kenwood provide tutor and mentor programs for children, teens and young adults in their specified areas.

For instance, in Bronzeville, the Elliot Donnelley Center  provides young children through teenagers in high school with both mentor and tutor programs.  The Elliot Donnelley Youth Center also provide its members with college prep counselors who engage in insightful conversations with its high school students, also providing them with college on-campus visits as well as other field trips.

The Grand Crossing neighborhood includes FLOW: Future Leaders of the World, a tutor and mentoring program. This program is for any girls, 7 through 14 years old. Providing girls with programs that vary from proper etiquette to homework advice, this program is efficient and helpful.

In Woodlawn, the La Rabida Children’s Hospital provides its outpatients (as well as their siblings) with after-school help with homework. The volunteer’s range from college students, adults to retired teachers who help the outpatients (and/or their siblings) with their reading and math skills. This program recently won an award for Volunteer Excellence.

Kenwood provides African American teenagers (ages 14-18) with a mentor and tutor opportunity. This program is called Youth as Possibility Chicago Inc. which provides its members with a “big brother” type of mentor, as well as provide them with the opportunity of improving in their school work.

The neighborhood of Hyde Park provides a variety of tutor/mentor opportunities through the Chicago Youth Program. This program includes members ranging from ages 3 through the college level. The opportunities that this program provides are those from field trips through tutoring in schoolwork.

These Southeast Chicago neighborhoods provide a variety of programs, which members range from a young age through the college level. These programs also provide a positive experience of tutoring and mentoring the Chicago youth. Although the programs above provide a variety of opportunities for its members, only certain ages and genders are focused on in the Kenwood, Grand Crossing and Woodlawn areas.

The Grand Crossing and Woodlawn areas also provide minimal tutor/mentor programs, since there is only one program found in each of these neighborhoods.

The Bronzeville and Hyde Park neighborhoods provide many tutor/mentor programs because their members range from any age. Since tutor/mentor opportunities should be available for the youth of any age, this makes a program extremely successful.

It is imperative that the youth in Chicago are provided with tutor and mentor programs that provide them with opportunities to improve their school and life skills. Being a successful tutor/mentor program, a variety of ages should be included and its volunteers should be skilled enough to tutor young children, as well as young adults.


8 Responses to “Tutor/mentor Programs, Successful?”

  1. jhickey50 Says:

    I like the title of this blog. It made me want to read more. In the beginning you ask, what makes a tutor/mentor program successful? You state that it is about talking with older mentors about being successful when one gets older and this is true. I think you should also add about how tutor/mentor programs are helping kids now and how it is successful in their life now, not later on. Also, for each program, it is a good start to explaining what your program is about, but could be expanded more. I like they layout of your page and it is very easy to follow. The tutor/mentor programs are kind-of similar to my area with how many programs they provide, certain cities providing more than others. Overall, it is a good post with great organization. Keep up the good work.
    –Alyssa Petrich

  2. jhickey50 Says:

    I find interesting how you guys were only able to find a couple of tutor/mentor programs within your own neighborhoods, however, you were able to realize that those same programs are offered to children, teens and young adults. I also believe that you guys did a good job, on demonstrating what makes a tutor/mentor program successful.
    I also found a similarity to my neighborhood. For example, I am researching Logan Square, and I found one tutor/mentor program that offers their services to a wide range of people from different ages. However, I do think it would be better to show where are those young adults? Moreover, what are they doing know? Maybe to show how those tutor/mentor programs helped them to become who they are now.

    Overall, I like how each blog is clear and well organized 😀


  3. Daniel Bassill Says:

    Here’s a link to a blog that offers suggestions for bloggers. http://beatblogging.org/about-us/

    As you write articles try to include links to the programs and research you are writing about.

    Finally, think about what it takes for leaders to operate these programs and what are ways students, faculty, alumni of a university could help programs located in the area of the university, or where the students/alumni live.

  4. jhickey50 Says:

    Honestly, I didn’t think Hyde Park was going to have many resources available for children in need of them. It’s good to know that the children in this neighborhood (and young adults) DO have somewhere they can receive aid.


  5. jhickey50 Says:

    I love what you guys have posted here. Not only is your information laid out in several detailed paragraphs, but the information is great. I can only suggest maybe putting urls for each program’s homesite.

    Good luck with future blogging,

    Jessica N 😉

  6. jhickey50 Says:

    The title that your group gave was very witty. It really grabbed my attention and wanted me to learn more about your area and the programs. I liked how you included each neighborhood a little bit in this post so that the audience could find these programs in their neighborhoods to use. I also liked that you guys used many details to describe the programs. Keep up the good work.


  7. jhickey50 Says:

    The blog kept me interested by asking “What makes a sucessful tutor/mentor program?” I wanted to keep reading, and was impressed when this group categorized their information into different sections that were marked very clearly. There was a significant amount of information in each individual section and was very efficienctly summed up in the end. Some other groups don’t take the time to as effectively conclude the information, and I thought that it was a really good idea to be really throrough in your conclusion. -Shelby

  8. Cindy Says:

    You indicate in the introduction that 1/2 of the Bronzeville students don’t complete high school yet determined that “The Bronzeville and Hyde Park neighborhoods provide many tutor/mentor programs” that are successful. I’m curious why this neighborhood has such a low graduation rate?

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